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" Scott Flynn is one of my favorite people on the Earth. I wish I could have him involved in every technology project I ever have to work on. That dude is scary smart. I/We really owe him a tremendous amount of gratitude for shepherding this project for us and making it a success. I don't think I've really told him that enough. Most of the folks at Viverae really have no idea the debt they owe that guy (but I'm happy to take the credit instead – uh, Scott, who?). There was really no lost productivity or negative impact to our business at all around this change – and it was a huge change. That doesn't just happen.

I also need to thank everyone on the team from you to the guys that were out helping with the installs and training (Henry and Matt, in particular, for the extra time on-site), Mark for helping with all the last minute extra hardware orders, to the folks providing us with ongoing support. It's been a really great experience working with everyone and has just highlighted how much better you guys are than anyone else we have worked with in the past.

We've already got some potential expansion on the horizon in terms of auto-dialers, etc… we've still got some tweaks to make, etc… but all in all – life is really good right now. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship (for all involved). "

Jason Dwire | Viverae

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" Our relationship with IPRO is critical to our success. They provide us with endless hours of support and their technicians are prompt and knowledgeable. "

D'Ann Harper | Coldwell Bankers

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" Freeman Automotive Group has been doing business with Mitel and IPRO for over ten years. Before implementing Mitel, we had a hodge-podge of unlike systems. Our ability to communicate effectively was anything but stellar. Since teaming with IPRO, we have been able to replace the systems and services in all eight of our dealerships with Mitel solutions, which provide us the functionality we need to run smoothly, without interruption. The automotive market is extremely competitive and is dependent on seamless communication with our clients. There is no doubt that both the products and service we receive from IPRO keeps us out in front of the competition. "

Mike McFarlen | Operations Manager, Freeman Auto Group

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" We love working with IPRO because they make it easy to make changes and report and resolve issues. Their VoIP solutions make my job easier! "

Rusty Thomas | Texas Workforce Commission

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" Three years ago, IPRO helped us replace our dinosaur analog phone system (and a newer digital system that never worked) with a complete Mitel solution that really keeps our business humming. They were able to customize the system to meet our needs and have helped us improve it to meet our growth. Our phone system is the key to our success and must be reliable and adaptable. We especially appreciate IPRO’s quick response to problems and creative solutions that continue to improve our communications with our customers and vendors. IPRO is more than a service provider… they’re a trusted friend and business partner! "

Scott Baer | IT Manager, Boedeker Plastics

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