internal communications is becoming a necessity in the digital age, but integrating a new strategy isn't always easy.

How to Introduce Internal Communications to Your Team the Right Way

May 10th, 2018 by admin

Adopting internal communications is becoming a necessity in the digital age. However, integrating a new strategy isn’t always easy. Dedicated employee communications departments are falling out of favor among companies around the world, and many experts have claimed that the field is no longer practical or viable. Traditional employee communications departments spend a significant amount of time creating content to distribute through an intranet, but evidence suggests that time is not being spent efficiently.

Did you know? 84% of enterprises say collaboration technologies have improved the productivity of individual employees.

While keeping the flow of communications alive in business is essential for maintenance and growth, your business will have to change the focus of its internal communication strategies to succeed in this new era.

Out with the Old

Older methods of communication simply fail to meet the changing needs of today’s employees. Distributing information is only part of a successful internal communication strategy.

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These departments must reinvent themselves to offer more services and solve more problems that are relevant to employees. Here are some of the most effective ways to introduce a new internal communications strategy to your team.

1. Give Your Communication Tools Real Purpose

The tools you use to manage employee communications must have a clear relevance to your work environment. Finding a tool that serves a specific purpose is only part of the equation.

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It’s essential to communicate to your team the reasons why you chose a given communication tool and outline the specific purpose it serves in your organization. Once your employees understand why the tool was picked, they are better equipped to implement it within their departments.

2. Thorough Training

One of the worst mistakes you can make when introducing new communications tools to your team is to leave them to figure things out on their own. Thorough training is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of any communications tool and empowering employees to use it correctly. An effective employee communications department doesn’t just trains employees in the use of new communications tools. You must help them understand how the tools can enable them to do their jobs more efficiently as well.

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Additionally, recognizing employees that excel in their use of new communications technology is an essential part of the training process.

3. Manage Channels Properly

An intranet is a traditional network for a variety of employee communications, but it is important not to let your business become limited to these channels. Branching out to explore other communications channels, such as mobile technology, is a great way to revitalize your workplace communications. Adopting other channels of communications keeps your company’s intranet from becoming overburdened with information that employees find difficult to sort through.

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Communication is all about helping your employees collaborate and share information in a functional way. Adopting new internal communications strategies is a worthwhile endeavor when it comes to keeping any work environment updated and efficient. By partnering with IPRO, we’ll make sure all your internal communications are implemented to work at their best. Contact us today to find out more.

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