Data Security and Business Continuity

Close up of hand touching padlock icon illustration, network/cyber secuirty concept.

Vulnerability Management

IPRO incorporates industry-leading solutions to detect the risks in your environment that lead to possible ransomware or other production impacting issues. The vulnerability management service includes both traditional network/OS-based assessments, as well as web application-specific testing and ASV scanning for credit card data. The service:

  • Assessments are performed to analyze a business’s infrastructure and all connected devices
  • Match critical vulnerabilities with critical assets
  • Generate a list of patches or other solutions to apply to those vulnerabilities
  • Confirm that your existing security patching solutions are consistently working to reduce your risk

Darkweb Monitoring

IPRO includes Darkweb monitoring as part of our pro-active approach to risk management. Our automated search results help us escalate to you once a breach of your credentials has been discovered. This is usually a precursor to someone using your credentials to compromise your business, so it enables timely remediation.

SIEM as a Service

IPRO’s SIEM service follow both industry standards and life-cycle approach for continuous improvement. Our entire service is aligned to these standards. Our SIEM-as-a-Service offers:

  • Fully Hosted and Managed SIEM Platform
  • Reporting, alerts and service designed all aligned to the CIS-CSC framework
  • Data & System Backups
  • Comprehensive Device Support
  • Event Log Consolidation and Management
  • Network, Virtualization, and Application Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Comprehensive Onboarding process
  • Ongoing Rule Tuning and False Positive Reduction
  • Escalations including advice on possible resolutions
  • Integrated industry leading Threat Feeds
  • Automated Alerts and Notifications
  • Custom Report Creation and Scheduling

Managed Fortinet Firewall

IPRO’s Security Managed Firewall powered by LCM service has been refined over two decades to provide organizations with strong security and optimized internet performance. We use industry standards to define firewall policies. Our managed security solutions are there to help you establish industry best practice configurations, monitoring and maintenance so your organizations stay secure even as your company continues to develop and grow

Managed Endpoint

In combination with our SIEM service, our Endpoint solutions are designed into our service to provide a more comprehensive view of risks in your environment. The endpoint information is then correlated to information we are also receiving from other security solutions in your environment. Using the very latest in AI, our solutions will provide the best-in-class security to mitigate your risks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing enables customers to understand their current level of security risk and will inform the organization of required remediation efforts. IPRO’s ethical hacking service comes as both an adhoc service or scheduled to run on a monthly basis. Advances in AI now allows us to simulate the efforts of cyber criminals on a more frequent and cost-effective basis. Testing is performed to identify both weaknesses (also referred to as vulnerabilities), including the potential for unauthorized parties to gain access to the system's features and data of your critical systems.