With UC, You Can:

  • Find the people with the answers you need when you need them
  • Conduct an important meeting face-to-face with clients and team members wherever they are
  • Collaborate with your team and group edit documents together with screen and application sharing
  • Reduce the number of applications and passwords you manage and get things done faster

Want More Details?

Improve the Way You Communicate

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Quick and Flexible Deployment

Worried about implementation hiccups of UC in your business? Don’t be.

Depending on your specific needs, we conduct on-site or cloud-based deployments that can always evolve to meet your needs. Our UC solution fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.

In other words, you can switch to an improved UC platform without ever skipping a beat.

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Enhance Business Productivity

Want to jump into a quick (and possibly unplanned) collaboration session? Go ahead.

Get more work done by allowing business communication to happen anywhere. Whether it’s from a plane 30,000 feet in the sky or sitting comfortably in your home, you can remain connected and productive.

UC helps you communicate more effectively with your clients and colleagues alike.

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Improve Business Applications

Already have a communication and collaboration tool that you prefer to use? No problem.

Our unified communication platform easily integrates with leading business frameworks and cloud services. Think of it as enhancing your favorite applications with additional features and capabilities.

You can continue to use the programs you know and love, with the added benefit of integrating with every other communication tool.

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Completely Level the Playing Field

Struggling to keep up with larger companies and their constant use of newer technology? Fear not.

With a powerful UC platform at your fingertips, you’ll have access to tools and applications that were previously reserved for big businesses. Manage trends and keep up with new communication technology in a cost-effective manner.

UC can give your organization the resources it needs to effectively compete against larger competitors.

You can continue to use the programs you know and love, with the added benefit of integrating with every other communication tool.

Pain Points Solved:

  • Long Problem Resolution Time for Clients

    UC boosts the speed of your communications. If a technician can’t resolve and issue or needs to pull in additional people, they can do so with a few clicks and buttons. Your clients will benefit from quicker issue resolutions, making them happier and more likely to continue to do business with you.

  • Hunting for Colleagues

    A UC solution ensures that you’ve got interconnected communication with all of your employees. It can allow employees to easily find someone who is: in the right role to resolve an issue, available for a team meeting, who is working remotely today, or currently at lunch. It saves time, making teams more efficient and productive.

  • Large Number of Emails/Calls Made

    It’s often overwhelming to receive hundreds upon hundreds of messages from different sources. UC allows you to consolidate your messaging into a single streamlined flow that diminishes the number of messages while also improving message clarity.

  • Slow Potential Customer Follow Up

    When it comes to following up on potential clients, the first few days are absolutely critical. Missing the opportunity to contact them and explore a potential partnership isn’t an option. UC gives you multiple channels to follow up with them effectively, which proves your dedication, reliability, and interest in the partnership.

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“ Freeman Automotive Group has been doing business with Mitel and IPRO for over ten years. Before implementing Mitel, we had a hodge-podge of unlike systems.

Our ability to communicate effectively was anything but stellar. Since teaming with IPRO, we have been able to replace the systems and services in all eight of our dealerships with Mitel solutions, which provide us the functionality we need to run smoothly, without interruption.

The automotive market is extremely competitive and is dependent on seamless communication with our clients. There is no doubt that both the products and service we receive from IPRO keeps us out in front of the competition. ”

Mike McFarlen – Operations Manager, Freeman Auto Group

Always Stay Connected

Without proper communication, you can’t really get much done. Ideally, your communication tools need to be interconnected and focused to provide clear and concise communication. But that’s usually not the case.

Luckily, that’s exactly what unified communications does. UC takes all of your communication channels and consolidates them into a single stream of information.

With UC at your disposal, you’re able to synchronize your communication in real-time to create the most efficient business communications possible.

UC with Mitel MiCollab

UC with Mitel MiCollab

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