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  • A full assessment to determine issues, needs, and a plan for the future
  • A single point of contact for infrastructure services and billing
  • The expertise to handle any requirement your business calls for

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Plan for the future with a full network assessment

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Meet the needs and compliance of your business with custom cabling design

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Improve your wireless network with Ruckus Wireless Service

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Streamline data sharing and traffic with managed and unmanaged switching

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Prepare for the worst with backup power

" Since teaming with IPRO Media, we have been able to replace the systems and services in all eight of our dealerships with Mitel solutions, which provide us the functionality we need to run smoothly, without interruption."

Mike McFarlen – Operations Manager, Freeman Auto Group

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Achieve the Full Potential of Your Business

Concessions are made when you aren't in full control of your technology, and because of that, your business can suffer. IPRO is here to help you leverage technology to avoid the traps of compromise. Let’s have a conversation.

Crafting Your Innovative Network Infrastructure

Crafting Your Innovative Network Infrastructure

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