Discover What You Have and Need With:

  • A complete network inventory of all devices connected
  • An in depth look at obsolete devices and necessary upgrades
  • An assessment of your network’s bottlenecks and failures

Understand Your Network Today

Become More Aware with a Network Assessment

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Identify any issues related to TCP, bottlenecks, etc.

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Remove unnecessary devices that bog your network down

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Have a full view of the entire network as it stands

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Be compliant according to your business needs

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Understand the security vulnerabilities of your network

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Eliminate current and potential points of failure

“ IPRO helped us replace our dinosaur analog phone system (and a newer digital system that never worked) with a complete Mitel solution that really keeps our business humming. ”

Scott Baer – IT Manager, Boedeker Plastics

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Have Full View of Your Business

As companies grow and change, their network does as well. Without a detailed view and understanding of the changes taking place, complexity and complications creep in. Handle it head on with a network assessment to maintain the integrity of your business.

The Importance of a Network Assessment

The Importance of a Network Assessment

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