An Unbelievable Desk Phone

This Mitel system combines innovative hardware and software to create an unrivaled communication experience.

  • 7" Color LCD Touch Display

    Every business contact right at your fingertips

  • Flawless Sound & Design

    Features a cordless speech optimized handset and a mobile phone charging point Incredible Group Calls – Hear everything with the enhanced full-duplex speakerphone

  • Find Me/Follow Me Call Routing

    Programmable incoming call behaviors and redirections after a preset number of rings

  • Voicemail Transcription

    Instantly pull up automatic voicemail transcriptions via SMS or email

  • Data Usage and Call Reports

    Updated reports on bandwidth usage and call history

  • Call Screening

    Lets you see who’s calling and reroute calls at the touch of a button

  • Call Recording and Coaching

    Listen in on team’s business calls and record them for a later performance review

VoIP Desk Phone Icon

A Business Phone System That Stays with You

No longer are you bound to your desk when making or receiving business calls. Your Mitel app acts as your desk phone when you’re on the move.

  • Answer and Place Business Calls

    Keep your private number private and handle calls through the Mitel app just as you would in the office

  • Send Business Text Messages

    You can now text from your office line, sending both SMS and MMS messages to team members and clients

  • MobileLink

    Flip an active call from your desk phone to your smartphone, or from your smartphone to your deskphone seamlessly

  • Indicate Availability

    Sometimes you’re ready to go “off the grid”. Place yourself as “unavailable” until you’re ready to return

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A Business Phone System You Access Anywhere

You can even access your business phone system and its functionality from your laptop or any connected computer.

  • Call and Answer Through Your Computer

    Connect with team members or a client instantly

  • Digital Directory

    Drag-and-drop options for quickly finding and adding available participants

  • Conference Calling

    Add other team members or clients to the call quickly and easily

  • Video Conferencing

    Switch to video feeds to utilize body language in your calls

  • Live Chat

    Instantly chat with potential clients and answer questions from your desktop or your smartphone

  • Host Web Conferences

    Share screens, chat, and field questions from participants

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Let's Pick the Business Phone System That's Right for Your Office

The benefits of migrating your office to a Mitel system are vast, but each system is a little different. We would be happy to discuss the various attributes of each system and help you to customize the perfect solution for your organization.

Innovate the Way Your Business Communicates

We're happy to discuss your specific needs and work with you to determine what will work best for you. Give us a call or fill out the form, and we'll get to work.