don’t recommend taking a baseball bat to your fax machine (but if you do, we’d like to see it).

Why You Should Kill Your Fax Machine

December 21st, 2017 by admin

In 1999, legendary actor/director/writer Mike Judge wrote and directed a film by the name of “Office Space”. In the movie, Peter Gibbons must slog through his day at a mindless and soulless software company called Initech. There’s lots of classic moments and quotes that come from Office Space. One of the more prominent ones is the infamous fax machine murder scene. Peter and his friends destroy the office fax machine with a baseball bat because it never works. It’s frustratingly useless. It’s old, and it reflects an old way of thinking about how to do business. We won’t link to it because there are hefty amounts of profanity and violence against technology – we can’t condone that – but remember, it’s only a quick Google or YouTube search away.

The Reasons to Use E-Fax

The team at IPRO doesn’t actually recommend taking a baseball bat to your fax machine (but if you did, we’d like to see it). Luckily, you don’t need to be stuck with technology straight out of the 80s. No, you shouldn’t actually destroy your fax machine with hatred. You should replace it with a solution that fulfills the roles and functionality of the fax machine without any of the drawbacks. E-Fax gives your organization a newer, more efficient way to fax your files. It lets your organization use modern portable devices to send faxes via email. There are several benefits to using it, such as:
  • Reduced cost – save money by removing a needless recurring telephone bill. After all, E-Faxing is all digital.
  • Saving the planet – eliminate the need for paper by going digital. You’ll go green and you’ll save money on paper.
  • Freeing up space – remove the bulky fax machine from your office. That gives you more room for better things, like new technology or more employees.
  • Scaling better – grow your business without fear of outgrowing E-Fax. From startups to enterprises, E-Fax is helpful to all businesses.
  • Working more efficiently – fax machines require an annoying amount of know-how to operate properly. E-Fax is simple, meaning anyone that knows how to send an email can send a fax.

The Fax Machine of the Future

When it comes to your organization’s technology, you should always look to the future. Technology changes quickly, so having a cloud-based solution like E-Fax keeps your business communication agile. It’s a lot easier to upgrade portable cloud services than it is to constantly repair cumbersome, sensitive equipment. 90% of organizations use the cloud in some way, with 50% using cloud services as their preferred solution. In other words, using E-Fax is a better strategy for your future because it will grow and evolve along with your organization.

E-Fax with IPRO

E-Fax may be easy to use, but it isn’t always easy to implement. But that’s what we’re here for – with the IPRO team as your future E-Fax partners, your transition will be seamless. So out with the old, outdated clunker of a fax machine. In with the new, sleek and easy-to-use E-Fax. Need help switching over? Contact us and we’ll help you get started.  

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