organizations continue to use the traditional faxing methods. But businesses don’t have to be stuck with old fax machines.

It’s Time to Drop Fax Machines for E-Fax

August 3rd, 2018 by admin

The year is 1980. Somewhere, someone with a mullet is headed to the Toto “Hydra” concert in their brand-new Pontiac Trans-Am. Once the rockin’ concert ends, this free spirit will end up back at their 9-5 office job. They’ll sit down at their desk and plan out activities for the day. They’ll probably discuss the upcoming landslide victory of Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter in the U.S. presidential race. When they finally start to work, they’ll be confronted with one of the most aggravating pieces of technology ever created. The fax machine. This Japanese-made beast likely weighs several hundred pounds and prints a page extremely slowly. And yet, the fax machine is the best technology available at the time for businesses.

Hold the Line, Fax Isn’t Always on Time

Fast-forward 38 years. Technology has advanced at an astounding rate – and somehow, Toto is STILL touring (we can’t believe it either). The modern office has replaced their computers with advanced machines capable of processing incredibly complex tasks on a daily basis. However, for many businesses, one thing remains the same. The fax machine. It may not be straight out of 1980 – but it feels like it. The fault isn’t necessarily on businesses alone. Many organizations continue to use the traditional faxing methods because of customers and prospects that still use them. However, the truth is that businesses don’t have to be stuck with old fax machines.

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Enter the world of modern fax solutions. E-Fax allows companies to have the same exact capabilities of a traditional fax machine in the palm of their hands. E-Fax programs and applications still work seamlessly with traditional fax machines, making them viable alternatives.

Why You Should Switch to E-Fax

E-fax will always provide more benefits than traditional fax – “as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.” Some of the biggest benefits to it include:
  • Reduced spending on costly paper and ink expenses, allowing you to allocate more money to where it matters most in your company.
  • Ease of use makes it simple to implement with a seamless transition, leaving more time for productivity in other areas of your business.
  • Keep backups and revisions of faxes within a cloud environment, giving you a copy to reference whenever necessary.
  • Free up space in the office while removing large, ugly and bulky equipment.
47% of companies haven’t started to embark on digital transformation. For your organization, that can mean beating your competition to the punch. Adopting the newer E-Fax technology can give you a competitive edge because it allows you to produce more work with less costs and less errors.

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E-Fax Solutions from IPRO

Switching to E-Fax is easy and beneficial for your business. Getting rid of your old fax machine is one of the smartest decisions you can make. After all, your other technology has advanced considerably since the 80s – why shouldn’t your fax solution? Contact us today to get started on taking your fax to the future.

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