are numerous ways attorneys can use technology to make the work day more efficient and stop the round-the-clock work cycle.

Technology to Help Attorneys Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance

September 20th, 2018 by admin

It’s common for attorneys to work an average of 45 to 50 hours a week or more. As technology advances, it seems that the lines between the end of the workday and the start of the down time get blurred. We are accessible 24/7 through computers, tablets, and phones by texts, emails, and video chats. It’s a relentless demand of our time. Often,  we compromise our own sanity by never taking any time off. Here’s the thing: technology doesn’t have to be the enemy. There are numerous ways attorneys can use technology to make the workday more efficient and stop the round-the-clock work cycle.

Consider VoIP Technology

Using a VoIP phone system can help manage your calls and limit interruptions through the day. Unlike a traditional phone line, VoIP allows you to schedule the times of day that you want to allow phone calls through to your office. During off times, you can have your calls routed straight to voicemail, a secretary, your cell phone, or a virtual assistant.

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You can also set a ring order that rings each one sequentially, working its way down the line until it finds someone that will answer. For busy attorneys, a VoIP system will allow you to stop taking calls at a certain time of day – a sure reminder that it’s time to end the work day and head home.

Limit the Refresh Cycle

Consider turning off all social media notifications and only check accounts at scheduled times during the day, like first thing in the morning and again at lunch. Refresh email accounts at the top of every hour and then close out the browser and notifications so you aren’t tempted to look again. Turn the volume on your cell phone to silent when you need to complete a task uninterrupted so you aren’t stopping to respond to texts or calls.

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Video Conferencing

Attorneys waste a lot of time each day driving back and forth to appointments and meetings. With current video technology, it’s much easier to hold virtual meetings through mobile-friendly applications. While sometimes appearing in person is necessary, consider times when technology-based virtual meetings could do just as well instead.

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Speech Recognition

An attorney can lose countless hours typing emails, text responses, and documents. By using speech recognition technology to dictate messages, attorneys can complete tasks much faster. Most texting apps have a talk-to-text feature that translated your speech to typed words. There are dictation programs and apps that will allow you to dictate your notes, to-do-lists, documents and more.

Save Time With IPRO

Time saved pecking away at the keyboard is more time away from work to live your life. Technology doesn’t have to be a burden on you. With the right tools at your disposal, you can gain better control over your work-life balance and focus on getting work done in whatever way best suits you. Of course, we always recommend you to talk to the professionals about what that could entail. We’ve got experience with implementing time-saving technology for organizations of all sizes, and we’d love to help you out. Reach out to us today to learn about what we can do for you.

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