is utilizing available data storage space to either free up space from a server or to gain additional functionality.

How to Free Up Space with Server Virtualization

March 22nd, 2018 by admin

“Virtualization”. It sounds like a word out of a sci-fi book, but it’s definite reality – and a quite useful reality, at that. Basically, all virtualization means is utilizing available data storage space to either free up space from a server or to gain additional functionality. Let’s take a look at how server virtualization can help you free up some space.

Server Virtualization Can Make Multiple “Servers” Out of One.

Here’s a situation to consider: Suppose you have one local server, but you need more. Going to be expensive, right? Not necessarily. With server virtualization, you can utilize the unused data storage within your local server, and “virtually” block it off to act as two or more additional servers! Suddenly, your single server is doing the work of multiple servers, all because you maximized space within it, and saved yourself some pretty serious cash in the process.

Did you know? Over 75 percent of organizations utilize server virtualization. Some firms even report that they have virtualized or plan to virtualize 90 percent of their servers. TechGenix

Server Virtualization Can Consolidate Multiple Servers Locally, or in the Cloud.

Let’s say you have multiple local servers, and you now need a dedicated server. Do you have to fork over the many thousands of dollars it takes to secure another one? Maybe not. Using server virtualization, you can potentially consolidate some of your on-site servers to clear space from another – thereby giving you the dedicated server you require. Failing that, you can consolidate data from your servers to the cloud, freeing up space for that dedicated server you really, really need.

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Server Virtualization Can Save You Big Bucks.

Limiting CAPEX spends is (or should be) the goal of every business. Spend only what is necessary, especially when you are bootstrapping a company. With virtualization, you get better long-term use out of your hardware. Because you have to anticipate growth when buying a server, virtualization can help you stretch the use of some of that unused space.

IPRO Can Totally Set You Up with Server Virtualization.

Server virtualization is a real thing, and you absolutely can use it in your business to free up storage space, save some of your hard-earned money, or both! To determine how best to virtualize your server, you need a network assessment from a technical support specialist. We at IPRO have the experience to determine your current server needs and anticipate for future growth to help you make the best virtualization choice that meets your company's needs and goals. Let’s talk about it. We think you’ll be pretty impressed with the results.

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