convenience, collaboration tools, and affordability should all be qualities that your phone system embodies. Read on to learn why.

Phone System Must Haves

February 9th, 2017 by admin

It’s pretty important to have a phone system these days. It’s absolutely necessary, actually. How many businesses have you come across that don’t have a phone system in place? Or people that don’t have a phone for their own personal use? Few to none, we know. For your business, just any phone system won’t do though. Your business doesn’t want to just survive - you want to succeed and be at the front of the competition race. Having certain phone qualities can not only make things go faster, but also transform your overall workflow to be more efficient, productive, and budget-friendly. Here are a few of those qualities your cloud-based phone system should have:

Seamless Mobility

The last thing you need is a phone system that constricts you. Imagine it - you’re sitting at your office all day waiting for one important phone call. There are so many things that you need to get done, but you don’t dare leave your desk because you absolutely need to answer this call. You might even know exactly what time the phone call is supposed to come, but you just can’t be at your office when you need to be and there is no room for negotiation on the time. What do you do? With a mobile phone system, gain the flexibility to take (and make) calls from anywhere. A cloud phone system makes it easy to use the same phone from your office, anywhere. This also saves you from having to give out your mobile number, keeping up the professionalism.


Building on the topic of mobility, it’s important to make sure that your phone system should be the same in each location. In other words, all of the features should be available in all locations. Also, having a cloud-based phone system makes it easy to integrate with other, important business applications. For example, you can still expect to click into a phone call or text message while you’re working in a business application. The cloud makes it easy to integrate all of these features together.

Collaboration Tools

Your phone system doesn’t have to be just a phone! Integrate various features such as emails, text messages, and file-sharing applications. This combination makes it much more feasible to communicate and collaborate with others, unifying your workspace.


Last but not least, budgeting for a cloud-based phone system is much simpler than budgeting for an on-premise system. Why? Well, for a cloud phone system, all you have to do is pay a single, monthly fee, and you’re good! This is miles easier than the previous spreadsheets you had to keep for every on-premise location. At IPro Media, we can provide you with the best phone system for your business. Our Mitel VoIP services will provide all of these qualities we just discussed, and more. Give us a call! We’d be more than happy to provide our services.

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