In Healthcare, Regular Network Assessments are Critical Preventative Care Practices

January 25th, 2018 by admin

Your patients’ health probably ranks at the top of your daily concerns as a  healthcare provider. Which means you already know that preventative care is far less expensive than care after the patient is sick. Wellness checkups, healthy eating habits, getting plenty of rest… All are associated with greater long-term patient health. But you may not realize that preventative care is also critical for your network’s long-term health. Having regular network assessments performed is one of the greatest cost-saving IT strategies a healthcare company can take. It saves time, money, and a whole lot of recovery time if you can prevent a problem before it has the chance to become a more serious issue. So what benefits can scheduling regular network assessments have for your business? Let’s take a look.

Network Assessments Are Like Wellness Checkups

It happens all the time. What starts as a routine checkup becomes a call to action about a person’s health, stopping a potentially serious health problem before it takes hold. Network assessments can serve a similar function for your IT. Systems and equipment in your network could be on the first step toward outright failure without your knowledge. Catching them up front through a network assessment can save not only a bundle of headaches, but also a bundle of downtime and lost revenue. This keeps your business functioning at full strength. It can be hard to quantify the long-term value of peak functionality. But rest assured the costs of failing to catch problems before they start are high. They can even be life-threatening.   Related: What a Good Network Assessment Can Tell You

Network Assessments are Healthy Network Security “Lifestyle” Choices

The adage in personal healthcare is invest a little up front in preventative healthcare, or invest a huge amount later to treat illness. This requires making a series of small beneficial health choices each day to avoid catastrophic health problems down the road. Network Security is like that too. Considering that 88% of employees have no clue about their organization’s IT security policies, shoring up potential security gaps is a constantly recurring need. It can create stop-gaps to huge security risks, whether from unknown vulnerabilities or employee negligence. Scheduling regular network assessments to shore up security is one of those small choices you can make to stay healthy. It requires a relatively small up-front investment to get massive potential benefits. Waiting to have an assessment until something goes wrong with your network security is akin to taking a trip to the emergency room. By then it may be too late to guarantee a speedy recovery. Related: The Importance of a Network Assessment

Network Assessments are Like Paying Your Premiums to Avoid Catastrophic Losses

Having your network assessed is like insurance against unforeseen problems. When it comes to your IT network, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Good assessments keep your network operating at optimal capacity. This keeps the lights on and the engine running within your systems, allowing your company to focus on what you truly care about: helping your patients. So does your company schedule regular network assessments? If not, now’s as good a time as ever to start. After all, your company’s continued health could depend on it.  

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