you aren’t using to facilitate your team’s collaboration, you’re missing out. Luckily, there are many of them available.

Fantastic Apps to Boost Your Team’s Collaboration

June 28th, 2018 by admin

If you aren’t using applications to facilitate your team’s collaboration, you’re missing out. Luckily, there are many of them available on the market today to boost team collaboration. These apps help people work better together with their peers to get work done more quickly and accurately. So where do you start? Right here – check out these four applications.


MiTeam collaboration software from Mitel is an excellent solution for a team that needs to communicate more quickly and efficiently. The platform offers a single interface for many different types of team communication, including voice, chatting, video and beyond.

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With MiTeam, you can easily share documents and screens so that everyone is on the same page about projects and the status of shared work. No more confusion and file sharing pandemonium – just a wealth of features in an easy-to-use bundle.


Sometimes, you need to communicate with a team member quickly — but you don't want to take the time to walk to their desk or make a call. Or, you might need to talk to several colleagues at once. Physically impossible to do in an organized manner. Luckily, there’s technology that can help. It’s called Slack, and it’s a messaging app that allows multiple users communicate in chat channels. Everyone collaborating can communicate in a singular location and where files and information can be easily shared. Slack can integrate with many apps, so you can use it in tandem with other programs your business prefers (like Zendesk for customer support or Dropbox for file sharing).


Do you need to keep track of all of the projects you are working on by date and deadline? If so, turn yourself over to CoSchedule. CoSchedule allows you to keep multiple categorized calendars in one place. With it, you can see everything that's going on at an organization, as well as the status of multiple projects or what specific departments are working on.

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CoSchedule helps boost collaboration because it puts a whole host of useful information in one place. In short, it allows you to create workflows so you can stay organized and check off each step as it's completed.


Does your team work on projects together? And, do you work on lots of projects at once? If so, try Trello to improve your team's workflow. Trello is a project management software that essentially provides you with a digital bulletin board, where you can add "cards" representing each project to a board, and you can organize these boards by different categories (i.e. specific events, departments, publications, etc.).

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Drag each card to a different board as it nears completion or gets assigned to someone else, then file it away when a project is completed. Trello is helpful because it appeals to visual learners, and it is also easy to use on mobile devices.

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