digital age has changed the way we do many things in business. However, business phone calls are still important.

Does Your Phone System Help or Hinder Your Productivity?

June 7th, 2018 by admin

The digital age has changed the way we do many things in business. Sure, people are emailing and texting more than ever before. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of the business phone call. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that smartphones will account for more than 55% of total IP traffic in 2025. However, nearly all businesses have a phone system in place. Regardless, the question at hand is: how much is your current phone system helping you? Or, is it, in fact, making things harder on you? Ask yourself these few questions to find out the truth.

Question 1: How Many Options is My Phone System Giving Me?

Call waiting, three-way calling, call transfer – and maybe even caller ID. Besides one or two other possible staples, this is about what you get with standard business lines. These features have come a long way from simple call systems, but they’re actually outdated for the modern business world.

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Suppose your phone system had a variance of options that you could use to customize the way you communicate. You could direct your clients to the correct department or person automatically. You could customize your hold music to what your clients like. In fact, you could even indicate how you could be reached and when. Well, the truth is that – as cheesy as it sounds – the future is now. Not only do these features exist, but businesses are leveraging them to improve customer satisfaction, improve communication effectiveness, and even to boost productivity.

Did You Know? Companies typically use 40-50% of the functions that are available, but each company uses a unique 40-50%."

Question 2: Am I Tied to My Desk During Business Calls?

You’re wrapping things up at and getting ready to head home for the day. Before you know it, your biggest client calls your direct work line. You need to leave, but... you know that you have to take that call. The client is going to talk about important stuff, but you can’t easily record the call if you swap to your cell phone. What do you do? If you would have invested in a VoIP phone system, you could have booted up the application on your cell phone and taken the work call from there. It acts just like your regular phone call does – except it uses your virtual business phone number.

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With the right phone system, it’s possible take to the road with your clients and gain more freedom.

Question 3: How Easy Am I to Get in Contact With?

Depending on your job, it can be difficult to get in contact with you. If you’re not in your office, you’re in your colleague’s office. Maybe you’re somewhere else in the building. You might even be offsite. People likely rely on you to get work done. Without being reachable, you’re likely impacting the productivity and workflows of fellow coworkers. It’s not that you’re unavailable, per se – you’re just not at the usual spots. People have to guess where you are, and what number to call.

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But how great would it be if your phone system found you before going to voicemail? Modern phone systems have a ring order option that cuts the confusion out of the equation. You can set your desk phone to roll over to your cell phone, for example. If someone misses you, they won’t go to voicemail until the phone system has tried each device in your ring group. In short, you’ve made it easy for people to get in touch with you.

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