Benefits of Partnering With an IT Managed Services Provider

May 21st, 2015 by admin

Healthcare environments present unique security and management challenges for IT Managed Services Providers due to compliance factors and industry standards revolving around HIPAA, PCI, and others. Finding the right Managed Services Provider can make all the difference in the world for many healthcare organizations though. Those standards require that patient health information (PHI) is secured and cannot be accessed or shared beyond healthcare staff (who are supposed to have access to them), among other things. Private healthcare practitioners and hospitals alike must have technology solutions in place that protect PHI, offer secure access to network resources, and ensures the network is available to those who need it. Securing a hospital’s network infrastructure used to be a pretty straightforward task, but as technology has evolved a great deal just over the previous 10-15 years, hospitals now require more intricate technology solutions in place and that is why utilizing IT Manages Service Providers is even more important now than ever before. Mobile devices have drastically changed the landscape of healthcare because patients and medical professionals have adopted their use worldwide. Blanket smartphone bans in hospital environments are no longer practical, so it is left up to IT professionals to make them secure and compliant with industry standards. The benefits of smartphones, tablets and the applications used on them are too numerous to list, but the benefits are real and very practical for the healthcare industry and patients. These devices and applications are able to provide a wealth of information to healthcare providers, physicians and patients all with a simple movement of our fingers. Applications allow physicians to interact more directly with patients and provide greater follow up care, which doesn’t always require the patient to travel to a physical location. When there are language barriers present, hospital staff no longer has to wait on a translator to show up since there’s an app for that. Again, though, these new technologies and shift in how hospitals, physicians, and patients seek healthcare still require dedicated IT professionals to deal with security challenges and compliance. Considering that staffing and labor costs can eat up more than 50 percent of a hospital budget in many cases, it’s important to utilize technology as best and most efficiently as possible to save valued resources while maintaining compliance with industry standards. Partnering with a dedicated IT Managed Services Provider can help accomplish those goals and more.

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