5 Steps To Taking Your Business Paperless

May 21st, 2015 by admin

Going paperless will benefit your business in more ways than you’re probably aware of. Not only will your office become less cluttered, but you will also improve data security and save your company money. In just five simple steps you can take your business paperless to make your business more profitable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Clear Clutter Take time to sift through your documents and figure out which can be digitized in order to make more room in your office and clear out space. By placing these documents in the digital world, you will have access to them anywhere at anytime with the Cloud and your data will be safer because of it. Decide Where Data Will Live If you’re the only person who needs to access the data, it can live in a folder on your desktop, but if you want to be able to access it via the Cloud, set up a cloud-based file storage like DropBox or SharePoint so that all of your employees can access the files when needed, even when out of the office. Go Digital To transition your files from paper to the digital world, the two primary methods are scanning and manual entry. This process can take a good amount of time depending on the amount of documents you have. But, once your files live in the digital world, they can be organized and accessed much easier, saving your business valuable time and money. Convert Paper Processes to Digital If you require customers to fill out paper forms, consider having them switch to editable PDFs or online forms, which can be sent to customers or clients in advance, once again saving time and money. By doing so you eliminate the amount of paper used and make things more efficient and timely for your clients and customers. Re-think Paper-based Methods In meetings does your staff use notebooks to take notes? Consider having them use laptops with online note-taking applications to save paper. This way they can upload notes to your cloud-based file storage and share them with employees who were not at the meeting, so they can access them anywhere at any time.

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