5 Reasons Why a Business Should Conduct an IT Security Risk Assessment

August 6th, 2015 by admin

Your business is under attack; you just don’t realize it yet. Yes, you understand that hackers are ready and willing to get in, worms sit dormant in suspicious emails, but did you know Mother Nature herself and a clumsy thumb are out to get you as well? If not, your company needs to take a look at its risks.

What is an IT Security Risk Assessment?

An IT Security Risk Assessment is an in-depth analysis of your company’s current IT and security exposure, good and bad. An IT Security Risk Assessment performs a review of the physical and environmental factors. The examination looks at the technical security as well as the security management policies and compliance. The assessment identifies the risk to the company’s financial and image profile, and finally, it provides businesses with a recommendation for security.

5 Reasons Why your Business Needs One

If you don’t think your business needs an IT risk assessment, we have five reasons that will get you on the horn with IPro Media for your next assessment.

     1. Your reputation is on the line

A security breach, whether large-scale or not, has devastating effects on the perception of the business and its security practices. Clients, vendors, employees, and everyone else with whom your company does business is affected by a security breach, and word travels fast. Security messes promote insecurity and an overall mistrust of your company and its systems. Security intrusions and data loss are a sure-fire way to lose current business and future consumers.

     2. It will identify and repair security holes

We can all agree that even the most sophisticated systems can have security gaps. If there is a hole in the existing infrastructure, a risk assessment will identify it and an expert team will provide a solution to repair it. A security risk assessment also protects your company from liability suits if your company’s compliance is called into question.

     3. IT budgeting and planning is justified

IT security eats up a good portion of a company’s budget, especially when something goes wrong. A risk assessment helps companies save money and plan better by eliminating redundancy and ineffective solutions. This allows companies to plan better, make more informed decisions about security expenses, and to fill in the gaps in the existing security budget.

     4. Encourages diligence within the company

When you and your employees are aware of the habits and risk for security threats, awareness increases diligence. Everyone in the company becomes accountable and agrees to take action to reduce and prevent security lapses.

     5. Eliminates downtime, whilst boosting productivity

You and your team can get back to work, instead of worrying about IT and security. Despite all you have learned about your system from everyday use, you are not equipped with the tools, resources or knowledge to handle a security threat, whether it’s known or hidden, and neither are the people who work for you. When employees can focus on their jobs and are not plagued by security concerns, morale increases and productivity follows suit. Give yourself a break from the IT security worries. Trust a team of highly skilled professionals to protect your system, your company, and your bottom line.

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