are some of the best ways effective unified communications can improve productivity for your team.

4 Ways Effective Unified Communication Shapes Your Productivity

May 24th, 2018 by admin

Using unified communications at your business is a smart way to make communicating easier, more convenient and even more cost-effective. The numbers show that more and more companies are moving towards a unified communications solution; in fact, experts predict the unified communications market will be worth $96 billion by 2023. Communication technology is crucial for any business that wants to operate smoothly internally and communicate well with customers and potential customers on the outside. Using unified communications doesn’t just streamline the process of communicating via a wide range of channels (phone, instant message, text, video conferences and more). It also improves productivity within an organization. Here are some of the best ways effective unified communications can improve productivity for your team.

Streamlined Tech Processes

Technology is not everyone's strong suit. For that reason, streamlining the tech processes and products you use can help cut down on the amount of learning each person has to do at your company. It will also make troubleshooting easier when problems arise in the future. When you use one system to handle all communication tasks, team members only have to learn that system once. There won't be new technology to learn and incorporate for quite a while. This allows more time for the work that really matters.

Easy Meetings and Video Conferencing

In today's digital world, more and more people are working remotely. Remote workers tend to be happier and more productive. Using a unified communications system allows people within a company to meet face-to-face (or via phone) easily, no matter where they are. A study by Cisco showed that 75% of people who were able to video conference remotely (and easily) experienced improved productivity. Video conferencing also helps create stronger bonds between remote teams, which can help facilitate better work and better communication.

More Efficient Voice Communication

Telephones and voice communication are an essential part of many business processes, but using them can be tedious. However, by using a unified communications system, you can take advantage of easier calling – meaning that you can access voicemail, contact lists and more – no matter where you're using the phone. That cuts down on the time and energy you waste looking for people's numbers and trying to figure out how to access voicemail remotely.

Record and Access Calls

When you use a unified communications system, you can record calls and access them later. This can help improve productivity because you can access important information that you may have missed or forgotten. You can also record important details about customers and partners. You can go back and access each time you communicated, making each conversation a productive exchange with little time wasted catching up on details that have already been covered. If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of unified communications at your office, get in touch with IPRO. We can help your business adopt an innovative business communication system and learn to use new technology. With it, your team can be more efficient and effective than it ever has been.

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