the fax machine, businesses had to rely on regular mail service or delivery services. That’s no longer the case.

4 Alternatives to Traditional Faxing

August 2nd, 2018 by admin

The traditional fax machine was a staple of office equipment for years, allowing employees to quickly get documents to another location and receive them as well. Before the fax machine, businesses had to rely on regular mail service or delivery services. We don’t miss those times either. Compared to those options, the fax machine seemed miraculous, despite its limitations. Paper jams, poor connections, screaming fax tones: these are just a few of the drawbacks of the fax. In other words, they were not always reliable or easy to operate. Emerging technology has bypassed the traditional fax, bringing you faster and less expensive ways to immediately transmit important documents. If you are still relying on a fax machine… It's high time to make a change. Here are 4 ways to do just that.

Scan and Email

If you still want the option of transmitting the contents of hard copy documents, you can choose to scan and then email them. This process works well for many documents, but some types of files don't scan well. That means the recipient may receive an electronic file that contains sections of gibberish. If you choose this method, you'll need to do careful proofreading to avoid potential embarrassment.

Cloud Sharing

The cloud offers a number of services that allow you to safely share information via the internet. Sites like Dropbox serve as places to place documents, access them, and even edit them.

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Security measures have improved over the years so that no one can access the documents without proper authorization. Encryption options are also available so highly sensitive information, such as medical records, cannot be improperly shared.

Attach Documents and Email

For basic document sharing, simply attaching a computer file and emailing it to a recipient gets the job done. Of course, this option works best for documents you generate yourself. This choice offers less protection than some other methods, depending on company's internet security measures.

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Occasionally, your email may end up unseen in a spam account, which will slow down your communication considerably.


For many businesses, e-faxing is the best choice. With this process, you can fax documents without using an actual fax machine and without relying on paper, which is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. To use internet faxing, you can sign up for a hosted service, which eliminates your need for fax machines, modems, and software. You send the service your document as a file and provide the fax number of the recipient, and they do the rest. Some of these services are free for outgoing faxes but do charge money if you need to receive them.

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The service can send these faxes to a traditional machine or have them emailed to your account. Some of these companies are integrated with Dropbox and other document sharing services, which can further simplify your life.

E-faxing with IPRO

Traditional fax machines are on the way out. Most communication can be done quickly and safely through various internet services. Your company will work more efficiently and save money on equipment and maintenance by giving up the fax and signing on to e-faxing or other paperless options. Wondering how to get started? No problem – we’re here to help. We can get an e-fax solution implemented within your organization quickly, so you can reap the benefits immediately. Sound good? Contact us to learn more.

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