are a few ways that businesses can take advantage of new tech to make work easier without investing thousands of dollars.

3 Office Technologies You Can Modernize

August 23rd, 2018 by admin

When it’s time to update office technology, many office managers and business owners focus on the expense, interruption of workflow, and the inconvenience of learning how to operate new equipment. They also understand that one of the major advantages of taking the time to update office technology is increased security. There’s a non-stop evolution when it comes to office equipment and software. It can be overwhelming to conduct business in a constant state of flux. Many businesses skip important software updates in the interests of consistency and cost savings. There are a few simple ways that businesses can take advantage of new office technologies to make work easier without investing thousands of dollars.

Computers, Laptops, and Tablets

Before updating hardware, make sure your business has installed all of the recent updates to software programs. If your software is obsolete, no longer supported by the manufacturer, or seldom-used, it may be time to replace it with a more up-to-date version. Making sure your software is in tip-top shape will help you understand if you really need a hardware update. The next thing to consider is your office’s interconnectedness. If all of your devices can’t work together, your business can’t reach its full technological potential. For example, if the sales team is on the road to see clients but they can’t complete their paperwork while traveling, it’s time to prioritize updating that department’s hardware.

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Fax Machines

In an increasingly mobile business environment, the fax machine is one piece of equipment that you can eliminate without sacrificing the ability to instantly transmit scanned copies of original documents. In fact, when a business chooses to give up their physical fax machine for e-fax capabilities, they increase versatility. E-fax removes the need for a dedicated phone line. Your employees can receive or send a fax from any device, increasing convenience and portability.

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Getting rid of physical fax machines in the office in favor of e-fax does a few things for you. It eliminates tedious paper jams, lost fax documents, and the costs associated with replacement ink and machine maintenance.

Printers and Copiers

When the office printer or copier jams frequently enough that you hold your breath after clicking “print”, it’s time to shop for a replacement. This basic piece of office equipment can slow down an entire business if it’s not in proper working order 100% of the time.

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Printers that link to the company Wi-Fi make the task of getting a paper copy of a document even easier. An update could do great things for your ability to communicate with co-workers and clients. If buying a high-functioning printer is a stretch for the office technology budget, consider a refurbished model with a guarantee. Some high-end printer companies also offer to finance the purchase of new equipment. That can be a good option for any sized business.

Office Technology Modernization? Do it with IPRO

Keep the following in mind: There’s a big difference between a cool new piece of hardware and one that will serve your business’s needs for the long haul. So, don’t get carried away by hardware that isn’t practical. Remember that when you can replace hardware with online or cloud services, you are in a position to increase productivity while decreasing costs. Multi-functional hardware can be a great space-saving option. That's especially true if a rapidly expanding company has put a strain on office equipment. In many cases, as with e-faxing, you can skip the hardware purchase in favor of a cloud-based on online service that performs the same function for a much smaller investment Want to learn more? Let’s chat when you’re available.

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