organization needs a great set of business communications applications to help them stay organized. Here are 3 of the best ones out there.

3 Fantastic Business Communications Applications

September 13th, 2018 by admin

Every business needs a great set of communications applications to help them stay organized, keep information in an easily accessible location, and improve the flow of information between departments and with clients. Apps are time-saving, low-cost, lightweight options that should be intuitive, streamlined, and useful. Here are three that we think are simply fantastic.


They onboard about 4,000 new businesses every week. This easy-to-use interface facilitates clean and easily searchable communication with clients. It helps keep everyone's to-do lists organized and visible to the right people. They’ve been around since 2004 and started with just 45 users. Now, they have 2,838,046 accounts signed up. With Basecamp apps for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and web, everyone who is important to any project in your company can use this interface. This app is a great fix for:
  • Work turned in late
  • Inefficient or inconsistent communication
  • Overdue projects
  • Missing tasks
  • Confusion about roles and responsibilities
It helps by providing an easy way for team members to share new ideas. It eliminates tedious searching through email chains to find crucial information. Notifications are in one accessible location. Transparency lets the team work together and stay on top of deadlines. With basecamp, you’ll get a single location for timelines, to-dos, messages, and files. See for yourself if Basecamp could improve your internal and client-facing communications with a free 40-day trial.

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For built-in chat software that facilitates instant communication and eliminates common hang-ups mid-project, RedBooth is the easy answer. This task-tracking app facilitates chatting in the window with the task assignment details. This helps increase focus and productivity while keeping lines of communication open between team members. It’s advertised as the ideal solution for high-performing teams, and it certainly seems to be specially-built to cater to the needs of fast-moving employees. It even integrates with other apps to help increase its usefulness. A mobile app for Android and iOS keeps off-site or traveling employees and members of the management team in the loop.

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For business owners who prefer a hands-off approach, the app’s ability to predict assignees and due dates using AI is a dream-come-true. Instant notifications prevent hangups, and a quick view dashboard lets team members check in on progress.

Mitel MiCollab

MiCollab, from Mitel, gives you a true unified communications experience. It enables better communications across multiple teams. MiCollab offers a massive amount of features available for businesses, including:
  • Outlook integrations
  • Chat, audio, and video conferencing
  • File annotations
  • Custom collaborative workspaces
  • And many, many more
The beauty of MiCollab is that it’s compatible across multiple devices and operating systems. You don’t need to revamp your technology throughout your IT infrastructure, and you can empower your company to use their mobile devices to securely collaborate with their teams.

Business Communications with IPRO

In this day of technologically advanced business communication applications, it’s important to keep up with the new pace of things. Improving productivity and reducing frustration are two of the most important aspects of running a healthy and growing business. Let these three apps help by keeping lines of communication open, identifying areas that could use improvement, and making employee and client relations even better. Questions on how to implement them? Want to know other apps we recommend? No sweat.

Just reach out to us and we’ll be there to help.

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