hasn’t thought about kicking back on a beach and diving into a hot batch of spreadsheets and emails?

3 Benefits of Working Remotely Most People Don’t Consider

April 12th, 2018 by admin

Who hasn’t thought about kicking their feet up on a sandy beach, popping open a fresh Mexican cerveza, and diving into a hot batch of spreadsheets and work emails? You haven’t? As it turns out, nobody has. It was a trick question. That’s because your need for accessing your data remotely doesn’t necessarily stem from pleasure. Rather, it’s a modern necessity – whether we like it or not, we need to be able to reach our data around the clock. Without further ado, here are 3 benefits of working remotely most people don’t consider.

1. You can easily take care of the minor stuff

Everyone neglects to finish their work sometimes. As the clock hits 5, your chair is left spinning as you leave behind only micro-particles of your very being. Though you may be setting land speed records in the sprint out of the office, you’re probably forgetting a thing or two. Nothing major, mind you – an email here or a document update there.

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With remote work capabilities, you can quickly hop on your phone and send the email or update that document in mere seconds through accessible cloud-hosted servers. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you forget a thing or two. Cloud mobility has your back. Rather than getting in trouble for being the “office chair-spin sprinter person that doesn’t finish their work,” you’re now the “dedicated person that always works ‘really hard’ after hours.”

2. You always have a working excuse to disengage

You’re at a coworker’s backyard BBQ bash, enjoying a painfully overcooked steak. Suddenly, an annoying colleague springs up and tries to talk to you about their rare Japanese cat for nearly 30 minutes. But you saw this coming and you prepared accordingly. You know your organization has VoIP phones (with all the latest features, naturally). You’re able to fire up the mobile VoIP application and log into your work phone remotely, where you can step away to make business calls from your mobile without hassle.

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It’s a win-win. You get stuff done working remotely and your coworker scoots off to discuss Mr. Kitty-san with someone else. Sayonara, awkward situations. Hello, remote VoIP mobility and productivity.

3. You’re part of more things with less effort

As long as you have a device with a camera, microphone, and internet connection, you’re able to jump onto a video conference call with ease. That means having actual face-to-face time with anyone at the press of a button. Instead of missing gatherings and skipping out on valuable meetings because you are on the move, you’re always available and engaged.

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Video conferencing also drastically cuts the costs of physically travelling to places. With the time and money saved working remotely, you can be more places in less time. For you, that also means a better reputation with less overall effort or time wasted in transit. What’s not to like?

We help you get the benefits

Sometimes, people use these remote work features to actually accomplish work in the old-fashioned way. That’s okay too. We help businesses set up unified communication infrastructures that connect businesses with their clients and their employees alike, for interactions that matter. Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out to us today.

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